Thursday, February 12, 2015

Schedule Update

Schedule – Fiction reading and writing

17: *Poetry Portfolio Due
Burroway & Lamott readings on Writing Fiction (emuonline)

19: Fiction Packet 3  (emuonline)

24-26 Winter Break

3 *small group workshop: print and bring 1 story of your own to share (from any of the fiction exercises)

Fiction: continue with fiction packet 3 and read story by Oates on emuonline
*Come prepared to discuss all of the stories in class; in class quiz

*You should also be working on the following stories of your own: 4 qualities, Description, Vocabulary

5: Fiction discussion con’t
*1-2 stories/1-2 pages of fiction due

10: Fiction Shange and Dandicat – emuonline

*don't forget to post a reading response to your blog every Thursday by class time
*see syllabus for continuation of schedule as written

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