Thursday, April 9, 2015

Blog Post Final (Optional) Assignment

If you would like some extra blog post points, do this final assignment as a response on your blog. Due before class on the last day, 4/16.

Write a min. of 4 comprehensive and detailed paragraphs about any reading assignments that you have done that have affected you in some way. Think of the reading from the whole of the semester, and focus on one or two pieces or works that have impacted your own writing and thinking about writing. Be specific, use examples, reflect.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 31 and on

See Syllabus and Docs in EMU Online for final assignments, assignment sheets, and due dates.

Keep Reading Maps to Anywhere and working on your own creative essays.

For Tue 4/7 read from Maps:  "Auld Lang Syne," "The End of Manners," and all of "The House of the Future"; in-class points are given for bringing your book and participating in the discussion.

For 4/9 type, print, and bring the Final Reflection - Evaluation to turn in.
Make sure to write a post on Maps to Anywhere on your blog.

Bring  2-3 of your own essays, typed and printed out, to share and workshop in class. (homework points given for essays/workshopping)

Also, here are some examples of great, and thoughtful writing on the blogs:

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Assignments for 3/26

Do the What is a Word Worth assignment, using the freewriting on your word generated in class.

Work on a C.A. Conrad Somatic exercise to write another essay; this is open to interpretation how to do and compose, etc.

Read the rest of the Essay Packet and come to class prepared to write about the essays and discuss.

Write on your blog (about anything in the Essay Packet).

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Schedule Update

Schedule – Fiction reading and writing

17: *Poetry Portfolio Due
Burroway & Lamott readings on Writing Fiction (emuonline)

19: Fiction Packet 3  (emuonline)

24-26 Winter Break

3 *small group workshop: print and bring 1 story of your own to share (from any of the fiction exercises)

Fiction: continue with fiction packet 3 and read story by Oates on emuonline
*Come prepared to discuss all of the stories in class; in class quiz

*You should also be working on the following stories of your own: 4 qualities, Description, Vocabulary

5: Fiction discussion con’t
*1-2 stories/1-2 pages of fiction due

10: Fiction Shange and Dandicat – emuonline

*don't forget to post a reading response to your blog every Thursday by class time
*see syllabus for continuation of schedule as written

Fiction Writing Exercise

Fiction Writing

*Make a list of four qualities/characteristics that describe a character real or imagined. Place that character in a scene and write the scene so that the qualities are conveyed through significant detail. Use no generalizations and no judgments. No word on your list should appear in the scene. Use detail and description to SHOW the qualities through the scene and the actions of the character. 

Then turn the scene into a story with character(s), situation, setting, and etc.